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I am going to attempt to manually move some of my old blog posts so I don’t loose my blogging history. This is an incredibly frustrating and confusing process and this appears to be the best way to avoid loosing my history. This whole process of transferring my blog to WordPress has made me want to pull out my hair, and made me want to learn computer programming all at the same time! But I am stubborn and headstrong so I vow to figure out this new process! While I truly appreciate the new aspects WordPress has to offer, it is not without its difficulties. Most of which I am attributing to user error. So for now, here is a copy and paste of the last post I had on Wix.

Transferred from my Wix site:

I wanted to take a little time out from all of our vacation posts to write about the part that’s making this whole adventure possible, my new job!

I started at a local hospital in Helena, Mt on June 23. I have been here for almost a month and have nothing but great things to say about this hospital, the people I am working with and the patients I am caring for! This hospital gave me a 2 day hospital orientation and a 2 day unit orientation before I started on my own. Their orientation was organized and allowed just the right amount of time for me to get acquainted to my new surroundings before I began working solo.

I was told that I would probably encounter a lot of progressive western medical practice when I moved north since historically the south is late at adopting the latest evidenced based medical practice. I have to say, I don’t think we are too far off (at least not in comparison to this first hospital). There are some differences though. They do a lot more Skin-to-Skin care with the babies and the new moms immediately after birth citing a more positive transitional phase for the neonate. It is common practice for the doctor to lay the baby on mom’s chest to be dried and assessed immediately after delivery. While I am used to a short bonding time with mom before I wisk the baby to the warmer to do a thorough assesment (administer my medications and weigh the baby among other things), their practice is to allow skin-to-skin bonding for as long as possible following birth. They believe(and appear to be correct) that most of your routine newborn care can either be preformed while the baby is on the mothers’ chest or can wait until the mother is ready for separation. This truly does seem to reduce the amount of respiratory distress that can be possible following birth. It is also an effective form of bonding and a great way to promote breastfeeding.

The International Breastfeeding Centre has a great article about the benefits of skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth and continuing on that you can view here:

logoClick here for article 

They even encourage the fathers to have skin-to-skin bonding time with their newborns which is very heartwarming in my opinion.

Another difference and probably the biggest difference I have seen is the culture in relation to breastfeeding. On my first day on the unit I quickly learned that it is common practice in the North to exclusively breastfeed. I would have to estimate they have about a 90% exclusive breastfeeding rate. I can barley even find formula in the supply room; it is always hidden on the bottom shelf! This is a great practice and I think it is something that is just not the cultural norm down south where it is completely acceptable and easier to formula feed your child. The benefits and the education are there, but to break a culture of acceptance will take a tremendous effort and a lot of time. (I will have to write another post to expand on this concept and include their thoughts on supplementation and newborn weight loss. It is fascinating to me!)

So, nice little education for my nursing friends, but back to our life! I am working night shift here and (holding my breath while I type this) am really enjoying it! Anyone who really knows me knows I loathe night shift. I’ve complained and sworn that I would never work night shift again (funny how things change!) When I was approached with this position the only downside was the fact that I would work nights. Jon and I talked it over and without much discussion we knew that we could not pass us the opportunity because I didn’t like working nights. I think this was the part of our adventure that I was most nervous about. I don’t do well without sleep and was truly afraid I would turn into the night-shift-monster! So in preparation for this new challenge we had some good open communication and decided on some helpful ideas to make our transition smooth. It has definitely paid off because things are going well. Actually we were talking just this afternoon about how we were surprised just how well working nights is working for us between my sleeping and his working. We are really thankful for that!

Now, we may be adjusting well, but one small member of our family is not! Poor Cooper just can’t get the hang of the fact that his mommy has to sleep during the day. He does well sleeping in his bed right next to me at night but for some reason he cannot leave me to sleep during the day. No matter how many distractions Jon uses to tire him out or redirect his attention, if he is inside, he is right next to the bed whining for me to pick him up and put him in bed with me. My sweet and usually well behaved dog is relentless. I’ve tried telling him no and ignoring him countless times but he will whine without fail until he can sleep curled up next to me in bed. So of course, after I frustratingly wake up hour after hour to his whining I throw him in the bed with me and fall back to sleep until my alarm goes off. I hate that I have had to succumb to his bad behavior but I need to rest. So all my puppy loving friends, we need help! Any tips or advice, please?!

Well, lastly I would like to leave you with this beautiful picture that was taken at work the other morning while my co-workers introduced me to a, “real Montana sunrise”. Even they mentioned that pictures can’t do this pretty sight justice! While we were watching the sun rise the other morning they all said, “Are you sure you don’t want to live here?” To which I nicely responded, “It snows here ya’ll!” They then proceeded to attempt to talk up Montana in the winter, which I admit, sounds quite tempting and enjoyable. Who knows, maybe we will say and become snowbirds this year! (But let’s be real, our poor southern skin would freeze! Where is the nearest beach?)




Until Next time!

-The Nomads


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