Why does the blog look different?

I wanted to answer some questions you all may have before I confuse anyone. Yes, my blog looks different. Yes, It’s still me writing!

I dealt with a lot of frustrating issues while using Wix as my website builder and decided to give WordPress a try. From what I understand WordPress is the Mac-Daddy of blogging. I hesitated to use d in the beginning because it was aesthetically pleasing enough for me! After working with Wix I’ll take some sub par graphics any day! Just to give you an example, I couldn’t even use spell check to check my writing with Wix. I’m a nurse not an english teacher, spell check is my saving grace! It was also just really hard to upload and use pictures in my blog.

So I gave in and decided to use the foolproof method of following the crowd! That being said, I’m afraid I may have lost the ability to have my previous blogs on this site. I am trying to work this issue out but right now it appears it will cost me almost $100 for an outside source to move them to my new site. I can’t figure out how to do it else-wise and I really can’t justify that cost. So, my two options are: A.copy and paste the old blogs, most likely without pictures because that may be a cumbersome process. and B. do some more research/ask around and see if anyone knows an easier way to move my old blog post to this site! I think this site is going to work a lot better for me, I already like the fact that the bottom right hand corner is telling me it autosaved this draft 1 minute ago (let’s not even talk about the last blog that had to be rewritten after it got erased in the process of publishing).

(Can’t we just take a moment and thank the inventor of spell-check…I really don’t know how I made it through spelling in school. I obviously didn’t win any spelling bee’s! I sure am glad you can’t see all the red squiggly lines I had to correct before I published this post!)

Also, I apologize but it appears that you will all need to re-enter your information in order to be updated via e-mail for new blog posts. I tried to find a way to manually enter e-mail addresses to follow me but it doesn’t appear to be an option. There should be a button or entry field to the right of the screen that says “follow me”. You should be able to enter your e-mail address and subscribe. I hope I don’t loose any followers in this process.

Thanks for following (especially during this new transition)!


Until Next time!

-The Nomads



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2 thoughts on “Why does the blog look different?

  1. charlene says:

    When I first saw the original interior of the 5th wheel, I thought, this is really nice. I did not have the vision of how much nicer, newer, fresher, and personal it would become when you were finished. Thanks for making me a believer. All your hard work, working together to make it happen and ability to overcome obstacles have confirmed to me that you are soul mates. And your memories and adventures have only begun!


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