Moved Post (4th of July)

As I mentioned in the last post I am going to be manually moving some posts from my old site so I don’t loose the wrtting. This post was written on July 7, 2014 from our trip to Glacier National Park:

4th of July

July 7, 2014

Hello again from Glacier National Park!


We are having a great time! This place is a nature lover’s Heaven! Today is day 5 for us in Glacier and we are enjoying having a “non planned” vacation. We didn’t plan anything ahead of time so everything has been decided upon the night before or that morning. We have seen some really cool sights.


For the 4th we spent the day traveling the “going to the sun road”. This is a very popular scenic drive that cuts through the heart of Glacier and provides access to various scenery and many hikes and trails. We also stopped off at Logan Pass which had just reopened the day before. It was closed due to snow on the roads which had just been cleared. Our neighbor at the RV park we are staying at here told us he had been to Logan Pass the day before and it was a “don’t miss” kind of sight. I am so glad we followed his advice because he was completely correct. The trail we went on was called Hidden Lake. The lake was definitely hidden! Hidden by lots of snow covered peaks! The whole hike was in the snow! I was so glad I had good hiking boots! It was a really cool hike and we even got to see some mountain goats. Up to this point we were a little unsure that mountain goats even existed! We kept seeing pictures and hearing of places we might see them but had not seen a single mountain goat in all the mountains. As we were walking and talking about dinner for the night I look up and sure enough there was a mountain goat less than 10 feet in front of us! So of course we had a mini photo shoot with the goat! (Check out our photos below!)


When we finally got to the lake it was mostly still covered in snow, but we sat and enjoyed the view for a while before we made the trek back down the snowy mountain! I am pretty sure this was the coldest Fourth of July I have ever spent! It was also the most snow I have ever seen! I loved it!


These first pictures were taking as we were driving the “Going To The Sun Road”. This was a really long curvy road built into the side of a mountain!


DSCN1168 DSCN1150 DSCN1171 DSCN1221 DSCN1228 DSCN1229 DSCN1231 DSCN1232

I decided to buy one of those really cool and very touristy camera tri-pods while at wal-mart one day. It has come in really handy and eliminates the need to awkardly ask people to take our picture! These are some of the first pictures I took with my new tri-pod!

DSCN1255 DSCN1257

To use my new tri-pod I make Jon stand in the shot while I get it aimed right. Then I press the timer button and run over the where he is standing! I have 10 seconds to get in the picture! I love it! And Jon is such a good sport!


The scenery was pretty, and we couldn’t avoid the unsightly sign in our backround.

DSCN1233 DSCN1240 DSCN1232 DSCN1231

My first snowman! (side note: I built this whole snowman while being pelted with snowballs from Jon because he thought I was gathering snowballs to throw at him!! HA)





After playing in the snow we drove up to Logan Pass and hiked the Hidden Lake Trail. All the little black dots you see to the left of me at the base of the mountain are people. We hiked in the snow to where they were and past that to the lake. Let’s just say that was a interesting hike so a southerners first time in the snow!

DSCN1262 DSCN1263 DSCN1271 DSCN1275 DSCN1277 DSCN1282



Zoomed in close up of the Lake

DSCN1329 DSCN1332

Cute little Mountain Goat with a tracker for some research project Glacier is conducting.

DSCN1312 DSCN1291



Precious little baby mountain goat!


I did have my zoom on in this picture, but we were still really close to them!


A few more photo’s from the hike

DSCN1298 DSCN1303 DSCN1275 DSCN1325 DSCN1334 DSCN1345

Thanks for following along!


Until next time!


-The Nomads


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