Yellowstone Day #2

On our quick and jam-packed trip to Yellowstone we decided to spend day #2 touring the Upper loop of Yellowstone.


I put some chili in the crock-pot for dinner that night, Yummmm. An important point for RV living is that you have to make a point to eat at home otherwise you’ll be spending a fortune eating out. Take advantage of the fact that you have your whole home with you to make cooking easier even if you are on vacation!

We were staying in West Yellowstone which gave us easy access to the Upper loop for our drive. Our first stop was Norris Geyser basin home of the Porcelain Basin and The Back Basin. The Porcelain Basin was a really interesting flat piece of land made up of multiple geyser’s and Hot Springs. We walked the short board walk then went on to the Back Basin. Most of these boardwalk walk’s were short little detours from the main road, but man, the Back Basin threw us for a loop! It was only a 1.5 mile loop trail with very little difference in elevation. But of course we had decided to start this loop in the heat of the day and without our water. BAD IDEA! This basin area was a vast land of non-shaded hot geysers and springs, as you would imagine from its name. Most of the thermals at Yellowstone are very acidic and are made up of Sulfur which, if you remember I mentioned in the last post smells disgusting! So, we ended up with headaches and I got to listen to Jon’s rant about how dangerous this had to be for our bodies (who knew he was so concerned?!)

DSCN1840 I am pretty sure a bear scratched this tree!

DSCN1793 DSCN1795 DSCN1798 DSCN1799 DSCN1800 DSCN1801 DSCN1804 DSCN1805 DSCN1806 DSCN1808 DSCN1813 DSCN1816 DSCN1820 DSCN1823 DSCN1825 DSCN1826 DSCN1827 DSCN1831 DSCN1834 DSCN1835 DSCN1837 DSCN1839

After we got back to the car and loaded up on water and snacks we drove north to Mammoth Hot springs. This area featured a really neat cascading natural limestone display (and a female Elk walking through the flat limestone area!). My pictures are limited from this area because my camera was showing memory card full and I didn’t figure out until we made it back home that I had forgotten to delete the prior day’s pictures when I uploaded them to my computer.

DSCN1870 DSCN1871 DSCN1872 DSCN1873 DSCN1874 DSCN1875 DSCN1876 DSCN1877 DSCN1878 DSCN1880 DSCN1882

We stopped in Mammoth for a snack and headed on to Canyon Village. The Canyon Village area is home to an area that they call “The Grand Canyon” (We can cross Arizona off our bucket list now right?!, Just kidding!) The Yellowstone River flows the Canyon’s length, which is about 20 miles. We stopped near the Upper Falls to get a view of the falls and take some pictures. I had done a good bit of research on the area and really wanted to do a hike near the falls but our time was really limited this day and it was very close to dinnertime. If you are ever in the area please hike the lower falls south rim trail and take pictures so I can live vicariously through you!!

photo 1(1) photo 1(2) photo 2(2) photo 2(4) photo 3(1) photo 3 photo 4(1) photo 4(3)

Once we arrived home we were greeted with the delicious smell of my homemade chili! It is always a gamble leaving food all day in Jon’s crock-pot, it’s a very temperamental appliance. Jon mentioned something about user error but we all know that’s a joke! The chili turned out delicious this time. Dinner was great and we were exhausted so it was time for light’s out and sweet dreams for our upcoming day in the Grand Tetons!


Stay tuned for our Grand Teton adventure! (and since we always air on the side of adventure, I’ll just preface it and mention that it was indeed a grand adventure!)

Until Next Time!


-The Nomads


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