All the fun of falsies without the stress of applying! 3D Fiber Lash Mascara Review

If you are anything like me, you don’t buy anything without doing a little research or asking around to make sure you aren’t wasting your money! I spent A LOT of time researching others reviews of the products and the company before I decided to sell Younique and I want to pass on what I have learned. So I to want to introduce you to some of the products I sell through Younique by doing makeup reviews. Remember that you are always welcome to ask me any questions and we can get a virtual party started for you at any time if you want to reap the hostess benefits!! (3D lashes for FREE in September!! Score!)

Of course I had to start with the best selling Younique product!

Younique’s 3D Fiber Lash Mascara:


I already mentioned the how and why of my decision to purchase and sell the product in my Younique business launch. So now let’s actually talk about what I think about these little beauties!

First Impression: Nice case, pretty packaging. Then I opened up the two tubes . “What the heck are these little hairy things?!” was my first thought!

I had read the tutorials and watched some how-to videos but I didn’t really pay attention to the texture of the actual product. These hairy things were in fact the fibers! Go ahead say it, Duh Andrea! So after I recovered from my shock and awe moment I took to applying the mascara. The application is a 3 step process.

Application: So you have your two tubes- The transplanting gel, and the green tea fibers.


The transplanting gel is like a basic thick black mascara. It is used as a base for the fibers to attach to your own eye lashes. I applied a nice thick coat to one eye making sure my lashes weren’t stuck together in any place. Immediately after I then applied a LIGHT coat of the fibers. I cannot stress this enough, a very light coat! About one and a half swoops of the fibers onto your lashes. Anything more will end up making them look clumpy, spidery, and messy. You will have the option to layer for a more dramatic affect later but you want to do this in light coats. The first day I tried the lashes out I only put them on one eye so I could do a comparison between the 3D lashes and my regular mascara. So while I let the 3D dry I applied my regular mascara to the other eye.  After the fibers set I used the transplanting gel again as a way to lock in and clean up the fibers. This is really what makes your look! This will also ensure that the fibers don’t fall onto your cheek during the day (I haven’t had any problem with smudging or flaking of my lashes!).  And Wa-la! Your done! Now this is where I stopped but if you are going for a more dramatic longer looking lash this is where you would repeat the steps!


  • Step 1: Apply the transplanting gel. Make sure you have a good coat. Make sure your lashes aren’t stuck together
  • Step 2: Apply a light coat of the fibers. Start at the base and swoop to the tips. You can do this one more time if you wish. But lightly, please!!
  • Step 3: Re-apply the transplanting gel to lock in the fibers!

A Sidenote:

Younique actually recommends in their directions that you apply a base coat of mascara to your lashes. I am not sure why they recommend this but I don’t agree with this. I didn’t think I should have to apply a different mascara underneath their product so I tested it out without a base coat of mascara. I don’t see the need for the base coat nor will I ever be putting a base coat on my eyes!

So, it was easy enough. It took me a few applications to get the amount of fibers right. I learned quickly less is more. I like my lashes to look neat and clean and they start to look a little hairy if you apply them thick all at once!

My final opinion: I love them! (as much as one can love in inanimate object!) In comparison it knocks the socks off my old boring drugstore mascara. I once spent over $25 dollars at Ulta for Benefit’s “They’re real” mascara and that didn’t even come close to looking as good as the 3D lashes do! So in my book they are totally worth the money!

“Alright I’m interested, what now?!” Wonderful! You have a few options:

  • Head over to my website and purchase your own set! (And let me know what you think!)
  • Host your own “Virtual party”- what is that? An open event party to all your friends on Facebook! Invite them and they will come! (I feel like that’s a saying or quote someone famous once said!) You Do the inviting, I’ll answer all the questions! And you get all the hostess benefits! (Remember I said free lashes in September!)
  • Become a presenter: The presenters package comes with 1 set of 3D lashes. So if your interested in selling and want to be really adventurous go ahead and by the presenters package (It’s $99 and comes with over $400 dollars worth of makeup for YOU!)

So if your sold! Yayyy! Enjoy your new product! If not, thanks for allowing me to share my new business venture with you and come back for the real fun stuff (Details on our travel adventures!!)


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California, Here we Come!

News Alert! News Alert! I have the information you have ALL been waiting for! Where are we headed next?

California! Martinez, California to be exact!

I am excited, and very nervous all at the same time! I have contracted with a new company (no problems with the last company they just didn’t really have anything available in my specialty and area we wanted to be. I’ll miss my really wonderful and friendly recruiter though!). So, we are headed to Martinez, which if you are unfamiliar with the area is about an hour Northeast of San Fransisco! We will be staying in a town a little north of Martinez called Vallejo since it was the closest RV park we could find, about 20 minutes from the hospital.

The position was listed online as a Mother/Baby but when I did the phone interview they were looking for level II nursery. We talked about my experience, specialty and comfort level along with the patients they normal see and decided I would still be a good fit, even though I have never officially worked in a level II nursery. (LV you prepared me well!)

I mentioned that I am excited and nervous and that’s mainly because of the hours not the starting over part (that comes with the travel nursing territory). The position was listed as 3 12 hour shifts but their need must be greater than that because in the interview the manager said she was looking for someone to work 5 8 hour shifts (This isn’t uncommon in California because of their nursing laws most full-time employee’s work 5 8’s since anything over 8 is considered overtime in a day) BUT, since I will be working nights I really didn’t want to work 5 shifts a week because I know I won’t wake up early to have time to do anything in a given day as I would if I worked days. (I think 5 8’s is a day shift’s dream, 7-3 I’d take it in a heartbeat! I think) So I told the manager I didn’t want to work that and she offered me 4 12 hour shifts, 48 hours a week. So THAT’S why I’m scared! That’s a lot of hours in a work week! I’ve done it before, without dying(ha!) once when LV was short-staffed for a couple of weeks so I know it can be done, it’s just really taxing and cuts down on your time off.

These last few weeks of trying to find an assignment have almost made me rethink this whole travel nursing gig. (I know, I hear you all saying “yay, come back home!” from my Louisiana friends!) I was truly spoiled with the ease of finding this first position in Helena. The job popped up, I applied, interview the next day, accepted the job in the interview and signed the contract the day after. Wam-bam and done! It couldn’t have been more textbook perfect. This next assignment was work though! I have spent the last few weeks researching location, pay, talking to new recruiters, filling out new applications, offering references (sorry for the million calls but thanks for the good reviews!) I was blown away by the differences in pay hospitals in the same area can have(a whole other story for another blog one day!)

That being said, I couldn’t be happier with the area we are headed to and the timing of this assignment. We are going to be an hour (give or take a few minutes depending on traffic) from San Fransisco and the Bay area. I have a cousin who lives in San Fransisco right now and I’m super happy to get to see her!

So what does this mean for the next few months?! We get to plan our trip home!!!! Yayyy!!! Like I mentioned, I have been real homesick lately (just missing friends, family and familiarity), coupled with the stress of the unknown. It’s all just made me want to go home! But alas, were back on track and have plans for our La visit in December! Unfortunately this assignment doesn’t end until December 27 (really the 28th since working night shift I wont get off until the next morning) So most likely we will book a plane to fly home that day or the day after! I think we are going to try to stay for 2 weeks at least so everyone clear your schedules so you can have quality Andrea and Jon time!! Yayy, the Nomads are headed h0me!

I think that about sums it up. I do want to say a special thank you to a few friends who helped me out when I was needing some local advice on areas to live! It’s hard to go into an area to live by just blindly picking so the advice I got was well appreciated and helpful! I still want to write more about my trouble’s getting a California license and finding a job in CA, but this is getting too long so I’ll save that for another day!

See you soon Cali!

All our love,

The Nomads


My Younique Business Launch!

So in my quest to be adventurous I have decided to try out a new business venture! Direct sale products have always intrigued me but I have never found anything I’ve liked enough to actually see myself selling to friends and family. How could I recommend a product to someone if I wasn’t totally in love with and exclusively using the product myself?!
Then I came upon Younique. I’m sure you have all heard of the 3D fiber lash mascara hype. I saw the pictures and testimonies all over my Facebook newsfeed. Being someone who LOVES makeup and is always looking to try something new and fun this product really interested me. But I didn’t buy it right away, I watched as a friend of mine posted picture after picture of her gorgeous lashes, then lip gloss, and foundation. All in all she just looked pretty. And I knew she was using the products she was selling exclusively and I knew I wanted to try them.
I reached out to my friend who was selling the product for her input on the company and her opinion on the product. Of course she loved it and had rave reviews of the company! But in true me fashion, I needed to find out for myself. So I discussed this new business idea with Jon, did my typical internet research and product review search and purchased my own set of 3D lashes to try out! They came in the mail along with a couple of samples my friend sent me to try.
I tried them out the next morning while applying my makeup. I was truly skeptical because I was going to have to LOVE them if I was going to sell them. That first morning I only applied the 3D lash to one eye, and I used my regular mascara for the other eye. Wow! What a difference I saw. I ran some errands that day and kept looking in the mirror thinking how silly my lopsided eye’s looked! I spent a few days mulling over this new business venture and mainly trying to convince myself that people wouldn’t think this was just another selling scheme.
How I made the decision:
I’d been using the mascara for about a week. I liked it, I felt pretty, but I wasn’t sold yet. Then one day in a rush to get ready for work I skipped the 3D lashes and applied my regular drugstore mascara. I got to work, looked in the mirror and gasped! Man, I looked bad! Not terrible, but my pretty awake eyes I had become accustomed to with my new lengthy 3D lashes were not there! It was then that I truly realized the difference and the value these two little black tubes of magic had given me! I signed up that night to sell the product.
I don’t want to talk you into something you that will waste your money, you will regret buying, or you will never use. And fortunately with Younique I won’t have to!
What is it?
Younique is an all natural make-up and skin care line. They sell makeup and skin care products at prices similar to MAC, Ulta, Clinique and Mary Kay. I have personally tried all these brands and am comfortable paying the comparable cost Younique has for their products. I love that their products are all natural and safe for sensitive skin.
What do I love about Younique?
  • Their honesty: If you go to Younique’s product website they (as most companies do) have the ingredients for each product listed on the site. But Younique takes it a step further, they give a simple descriptive definition of each ingredient in the product (because who really has the time to look up what all those foreign terms mean?!


  • No Autoship: One of the most annoying features of many direct sale companies is the Autoship feature. If I want to buy something, I want to buy it when I want it not because they want to make sure they are going to make another sale off of me. Younique has no Autoship requirement. So you want to try the lashes? Great, But if you don’t need to buy again for 2 months, no problem. Come on back when you run out and we will hook you up! And in the meantime, don’t worry about your credit card being charged or some unnecessary product showing up on your doorstep to frustrate you!
  • It’s a useful product: I don’t know about you but I wear make-up everyday. I don’t leave the house without at least a little bit of foundation, some powder, a line of eye liner and a wisp of mascara. So to buy a product that I actually can say I will use is really appealing to me.
Have you heard of Younique before? Are you interested yet? Do you want to try the 3D lashes for yourself? If you answered yes to any of these questions then stop into my online store or contact me to host your own party and get all of your own host benefits!
I plan to review each product Younique offers so check back frequently to see my honest opinions and thoughts of the Younique product line!
My super creepy eyes attempting to show off the day I wore both mascaras!!
All my love!!
-The Nomadic Nurse

The Pro’s and Con’s of RV living

We have officially been living in our RV for about three months and while that doesn’t make us experts in any form, we have learned a thing or two along the way. We knew when we bought our RV that life was going to be a little different {space issues, anyone?} than living in a regular apartment or house. Most issues we planned for, some took us by surprise! So here is my Pro/Con RV living list, 3 month edition!



  • Your house can move!: This has been great for weekend trips and the travel lifestyle in general. Notice I said your house can move. That’s the nice thing about an RV, it is totally yours and you can decorate and customize everything to your liking {more on this concept later}. Speaking specifically to moving though, it is so nice not to have to worry about packing {forgetting things} when we are going on a short trip. We have taken the RV on two trips with us while we have been in Montana and both times we left right after I got off working a 12 hour night shift. As you can imagine, the last thing I would ever want to do is come home and pack a bag for a trip. With our RV we are able to put everything in its place, check off our mental RV closing checklist, hitch up the truck and hit the road. Now don’t get me wrong, it takes a little time to get your house road ready, but in my mind its way easier and less stressful than packing bags for a trip AND I have EVERYTHING I own with me {how convenient}! Sidenote: there is a certain guilt factor associated with eating out on a trip when you have your whole kitchen with you 😦
  • Your house is yours: In the travel nursing world, your are most likely moving every 13 weeks. It is rare to find and assignment shorter than 13 weeks so packing up and moving just comes with the territory. If we didn’t live in an RV we would literally be packing our entire lives in boxes and bags and hauling our junk to our next place of residence every 13 weeks. Besides the fact that this would just suck, we would never be able to make a temporary living space “our own”. In our RV we we able to decorate {see: Our RV remodel} everything to make our home cozy and comfortable. We completely customized our RV and there is not a day that goes by that I regret all the hard work we put into making our RV into the home we wanted.
  • You don’t have room for a ton of junk!: I’ll admit, I love to shop. Before we lived in the RV I probably frequented Tjmax and Home Goods on a weekly basis and while this was great for my home decorating look, it wasn’t so great on my piggy bank! Now that we live in the RV I truly have to work to justify all my purchases {yes, I can fit that cute skirt into my already overflowing closet!}. So, I’ve taken to just staying out of my favorite shopping venues and subsequently saved my piggy bank a ton of stress!
  • You get to live REAL close to your housemate/loved ones: I know, I know, this one could have gone both ways for most couples. But Jon and I have been lucky and our close living quarters haven’t been any real source of conflict between us. Now this could also be that my job provides us with ample alone time for both of us since I spend a good 72 hours a week working/sleeping. But truly, we have enjoyed having our own tiny space of the world just for us!
  • Everything has to have a place: When we were deciding what could/should go in our RV we had to make sure we had a place for the said item. We couldn’t take it if we couldn’t ensure it had a designated travel approved spot. This makes cleaning up and putting away our junk a breeze.


  • The black tank: Go big or go home right? So I’ll just start with the major whammy, our beloved {yeah right we hate that thing} black tank. The black tank has been a constant source of frustration in our humble abode. A fun “where’s that smell coming from” guessing game. Hint: 90% of the time the black tank wins! We also lucked out and found out that our black tank sensor does not work, so yes, we don’t ever know if “the s**t is starting to hit the fan” literally.  This has lead us to purchases such as the black tank cleaning wand and the see-through poop tube to ensure our tank gets nice and clean with every dump {no pun intended} day.
  • There is no dishwasher: I think if we could hire someone just to do our dishes we would {anyone in the job market for a traveling dishwasher position?} We both hate washing dishes and washing by hand really takes the cake. Not only is it no fun, but you have to work extra hard to make sure you’ve cleaned your dishes well because they aren’t going to run through the dishwasher after you’ve gotten all the food gunk off of them. And, since our hot water heater is only 6 gallons we run out of hot water REAL fast. So yes, I let Jon talk me into buying paper plates, and he could probably talk me into disposable cups and silverware if it wouldn’t break the bank!
  • The teeny-tiny refrigerator: As with every aspect of the RV, space is a major issue, and that is not spared with the fridge. From the outside it doesn’t look too bad, bigger than dorm sized, a little smaller than apartment sized, but man, try to squeeze a weeks worth of food into that thing is a loosing Tetris battle! There have been many grocery shopping occasions where we’ve looked into our basket and said “uh, I don’t think we have enough freezer space for all of this!” which only ends up leading to a frozen chicken vs. ice cream battle, and we all know who is going to win that one! So, I’ve learned am still learning to plan meals., it’s a work in progress.

So, all in all, it’s not that bad, we actually love it! There’s something to be said about having your own place, even if it is on two wheels and has an adjustable square footage!


Thanks for stopping by! All our love!

-The Nomads

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