My Younique Business Launch!

So in my quest to be adventurous I have decided to try out a new business venture! Direct sale products have always intrigued me but I have never found anything I’ve liked enough to actually see myself selling to friends and family. How could I recommend a product to someone if I wasn’t totally in love with and exclusively using the product myself?!
Then I came upon Younique. I’m sure you have all heard of the 3D fiber lash mascara hype. I saw the pictures and testimonies all over my Facebook newsfeed. Being someone who LOVES makeup and is always looking to try something new and fun this product really interested me. But I didn’t buy it right away, I watched as a friend of mine posted picture after picture of her gorgeous lashes, then lip gloss, and foundation. All in all she just looked pretty. And I knew she was using the products she was selling exclusively and I knew I wanted to try them.
I reached out to my friend who was selling the product for her input on the company and her opinion on the product. Of course she loved it and had rave reviews of the company! But in true me fashion, I needed to find out for myself. So I discussed this new business idea with Jon, did my typical internet research and product review search and purchased my own set of 3D lashes to try out! They came in the mail along with a couple of samples my friend sent me to try.
I tried them out the next morning while applying my makeup. I was truly skeptical because I was going to have to LOVE them if I was going to sell them. That first morning I only applied the 3D lash to one eye, and I used my regular mascara for the other eye. Wow! What a difference I saw. I ran some errands that day and kept looking in the mirror thinking how silly my lopsided eye’s looked! I spent a few days mulling over this new business venture and mainly trying to convince myself that people wouldn’t think this was just another selling scheme.
How I made the decision:
I’d been using the mascara for about a week. I liked it, I felt pretty, but I wasn’t sold yet. Then one day in a rush to get ready for work I skipped the 3D lashes and applied my regular drugstore mascara. I got to work, looked in the mirror and gasped! Man, I looked bad! Not terrible, but my pretty awake eyes I had become accustomed to with my new lengthy 3D lashes were not there! It was then that I truly realized the difference and the value these two little black tubes of magic had given me! I signed up that night to sell the product.
I don’t want to talk you into something you that will waste your money, you will regret buying, or you will never use. And fortunately with Younique I won’t have to!
What is it?
Younique is an all natural make-up and skin care line. They sell makeup and skin care products at prices similar to MAC, Ulta, Clinique and Mary Kay. I have personally tried all these brands and am comfortable paying the comparable cost Younique has for their products. I love that their products are all natural and safe for sensitive skin.
What do I love about Younique?
  • Their honesty: If you go to Younique’s product website they (as most companies do) have the ingredients for each product listed on the site. But Younique takes it a step further, they give a simple descriptive definition of each ingredient in the product (because who really has the time to look up what all those foreign terms mean?!


  • No Autoship: One of the most annoying features of many direct sale companies is the Autoship feature. If I want to buy something, I want to buy it when I want it not because they want to make sure they are going to make another sale off of me. Younique has no Autoship requirement. So you want to try the lashes? Great, But if you don’t need to buy again for 2 months, no problem. Come on back when you run out and we will hook you up! And in the meantime, don’t worry about your credit card being charged or some unnecessary product showing up on your doorstep to frustrate you!
  • It’s a useful product: I don’t know about you but I wear make-up everyday. I don’t leave the house without at least a little bit of foundation, some powder, a line of eye liner and a wisp of mascara. So to buy a product that I actually can say I will use is really appealing to me.
Have you heard of Younique before? Are you interested yet? Do you want to try the 3D lashes for yourself? If you answered yes to any of these questions then stop into my online store or contact me to host your own party and get all of your own host benefits!
I plan to review each product Younique offers so check back frequently to see my honest opinions and thoughts of the Younique product line!
My super creepy eyes attempting to show off the day I wore both mascaras!!
All my love!!
-The Nomadic Nurse

4 thoughts on “My Younique Business Launch!

    • Yes, in two steps! It comes with two tubes, a transplanting gel and a tube of fibers. You first apply the transplanting gel (looks just like regular mascara), and then you apply the fibers just like you would brush on regular mascara. You then put on one more layer of the transplanting gel to lock in the fibers and clean up the look and ta-da! Enjoy! Super easy and you can repeat the steps for a more dramatic look! I’m going to work on a video tutorial but for now you can see a video my friend made!


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