The Pro’s and Con’s of RV living

We have officially been living in our RV for about three months and while that doesn’t make us experts in any form, we have learned a thing or two along the way. We knew when we bought our RV that life was going to be a little different {space issues, anyone?} than living in a regular apartment or house. Most issues we planned for, some took us by surprise! So here is my Pro/Con RV living list, 3 month edition!



  • Your house can move!: This has been great for weekend trips and the travel lifestyle in general. Notice I said your house can move. That’s the nice thing about an RV, it is totally yours and you can decorate and customize everything to your liking {more on this concept later}. Speaking specifically to moving though, it is so nice not to have to worry about packing {forgetting things} when we are going on a short trip. We have taken the RV on two trips with us while we have been in Montana and both times we left right after I got off working a 12 hour night shift. As you can imagine, the last thing I would ever want to do is come home and pack a bag for a trip. With our RV we are able to put everything in its place, check off our mental RV closing checklist, hitch up the truck and hit the road. Now don’t get me wrong, it takes a little time to get your house road ready, but in my mind its way easier and less stressful than packing bags for a trip AND I have EVERYTHING I own with me {how convenient}! Sidenote: there is a certain guilt factor associated with eating out on a trip when you have your whole kitchen with you 😦
  • Your house is yours: In the travel nursing world, your are most likely moving every 13 weeks. It is rare to find and assignment shorter than 13 weeks so packing up and moving just comes with the territory. If we didn’t live in an RV we would literally be packing our entire lives in boxes and bags and hauling our junk to our next place of residence every 13 weeks. Besides the fact that this would just suck, we would never be able to make a temporary living space “our own”. In our RV we we able to decorate {see: Our RV remodel} everything to make our home cozy and comfortable. We completely customized our RV and there is not a day that goes by that I regret all the hard work we put into making our RV into the home we wanted.
  • You don’t have room for a ton of junk!: I’ll admit, I love to shop. Before we lived in the RV I probably frequented Tjmax and Home Goods on a weekly basis and while this was great for my home decorating look, it wasn’t so great on my piggy bank! Now that we live in the RV I truly have to work to justify all my purchases {yes, I can fit that cute skirt into my already overflowing closet!}. So, I’ve taken to just staying out of my favorite shopping venues and subsequently saved my piggy bank a ton of stress!
  • You get to live REAL close to your housemate/loved ones: I know, I know, this one could have gone both ways for most couples. But Jon and I have been lucky and our close living quarters haven’t been any real source of conflict between us. Now this could also be that my job provides us with ample alone time for both of us since I spend a good 72 hours a week working/sleeping. But truly, we have enjoyed having our own tiny space of the world just for us!
  • Everything has to have a place: When we were deciding what could/should go in our RV we had to make sure we had a place for the said item. We couldn’t take it if we couldn’t ensure it had a designated travel approved spot. This makes cleaning up and putting away our junk a breeze.


  • The black tank: Go big or go home right? So I’ll just start with the major whammy, our beloved {yeah right we hate that thing} black tank. The black tank has been a constant source of frustration in our humble abode. A fun “where’s that smell coming from” guessing game. Hint: 90% of the time the black tank wins! We also lucked out and found out that our black tank sensor does not work, so yes, we don’t ever know if “the s**t is starting to hit the fan” literally.  This has lead us to purchases such as the black tank cleaning wand and the see-through poop tube to ensure our tank gets nice and clean with every dump {no pun intended} day.
  • There is no dishwasher: I think if we could hire someone just to do our dishes we would {anyone in the job market for a traveling dishwasher position?} We both hate washing dishes and washing by hand really takes the cake. Not only is it no fun, but you have to work extra hard to make sure you’ve cleaned your dishes well because they aren’t going to run through the dishwasher after you’ve gotten all the food gunk off of them. And, since our hot water heater is only 6 gallons we run out of hot water REAL fast. So yes, I let Jon talk me into buying paper plates, and he could probably talk me into disposable cups and silverware if it wouldn’t break the bank!
  • The teeny-tiny refrigerator: As with every aspect of the RV, space is a major issue, and that is not spared with the fridge. From the outside it doesn’t look too bad, bigger than dorm sized, a little smaller than apartment sized, but man, try to squeeze a weeks worth of food into that thing is a loosing Tetris battle! There have been many grocery shopping occasions where we’ve looked into our basket and said “uh, I don’t think we have enough freezer space for all of this!” which only ends up leading to a frozen chicken vs. ice cream battle, and we all know who is going to win that one! So, I’ve learned am still learning to plan meals., it’s a work in progress.

So, all in all, it’s not that bad, we actually love it! There’s something to be said about having your own place, even if it is on two wheels and has an adjustable square footage!


Thanks for stopping by! All our love!

-The Nomads


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