Hello all, Nomad here!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Andrea(otherwise known as Nomad!) I was born and raised in southern Louisiana. I am 26 years old and make a living as a Post-partum and Pediatrics nurse at a local hospital. I have always loved traveling and have thought back and forth for years about starting a career as a travel nurse. Travel Nurses work for an agency that is the liaison between the nurse and hospital. The agencies negotiate time based contracts to provide hospitals with temporary staffing for their employment needs.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to begin my career as a travel nurse traveling with my best friend and Fiance, Jon, at my side for this adventure. I met Jon through an online dating app on our phones (hey! Can’t complain about the rise in technology these days!). We found out we were from the same small town met up for a drink one day after work. We instantly hit it off and have enjoyed dating and growing as a couple. We are lucky and blessed to have so many of the same interests, beliefs, and life goals. I began talking about my goals for travel nursing early on in our relationship and when Jon got the opportunity to work from home we lightheartedly discussed packing up and traveling the country. As time wore on we realized that this was a very real and promising potential for us. After working out the kinks we decided to pack our things and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. We invite you to follow along as we prepare and to experience a life we are so excited to live and share. Your questions and comments are welcome, we would love to hear your thoughts and advice!



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